Spring Garden Market Other Vegetables for 2016

We are offering a variety of vegetables in addition to our popular tomatoes, peppers, and ornamentals. Note that we recommend waiting until the weather is truly warm and stabilized, in early to mid-May, before transplanting these seedlings into your garden.

Please understand that some varieties may sell out quickly or not be available due to germination difficulties.

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Variety Name Description
Bush Slicer F1 Disease resistant, dwarf bushes produce crisp, tender 6-8" long cucumbers. Perfect for small space or container gardens.
H-19 Little Leaf Small (3-5") cukes good for fresh eating or pickling. Compact vines yield well even under stress. Small leaves provide easy visibility and harvesting. Parthenocarpic, white spines, disease resistant.
Lemon Round, lemon-colored heirloom variety is sweet & mild. Introduced in 1894 and still popular!
Spacemaster 2' to 3' vines produce large numbers of flavorful, full-sized slicing cucumbers. Pick at 7-8".
Straight Eight Heirloom AAS winner. Smooth, straight, deep green 8-inch fruits. Early, vigorous, prolific. Tolerates mosaic virus.


Variety Name Description
Asian Mix Long, narrow Asian-style eggplants. Either Purple, Green, or White Fingers.
Beatrice Gorgeous bright violet, Italian-type eggplant. Medium-sized.
Black Beauty Standard large eggplant, excellent quality.
Italian Trio Plump Italian-style eggplants. Either Beatrice F1 (magenta), Nadia F1 (black) or Rosa Bianca (rose & white).
Listada di Gandia White with bright purple stripes, 7" long. Heirloom variety with sweet, tender flesh.
Little Prince Compact plant produces abundant clusters of 3-4" fruit. Tender skins, never seedy or bitter
Long Purple Prolific variety, long and slender. Harvest at 8-10" long for best flavor.
Mixed Fingers A mix of small, narrow eggplants in various colors.
Nadia Beautiful, traditional black Italian eggplant. Tall, sturdy plants.
Rosa Bianca Beautiful lavender-pink fruit shaded with white are mild, bitter-free. Heirloom.

Summer Squash

Variety Name Description
Astia zucchini F1 French variety for containers & small gardens. Glossy green fruits on compact vines, early and productive.
Cocozelle zucchini Italian heirloom, dark green with light stripes. Compact and early. Pick as baby squash or up to 12".
Peter Pan pattypan F1 Light green, meaty scalloped squashes, vigorous and early. Delicious, sweet flavor. Pick at 1-3". AAS winner.
Romanesco F1 Italian type, dark green with light stripes. Early, productive, delicious.
Starship pattypan F1 Dark green scalloped squashes on vigorous, compact plant. Pick when small 3-4".
Sunburst pattypan F1 Tender, golden scallopped squash on vigorous plant. Pick tiny with the blossom still attached or teacup-size. AAS winner.
Sunny Supersett F1 Delicious yellow crookneck with tender skin and nutty flavor. Bush plants are mildew resistant and productive.

Winter Squash

Variety Name Description
Burpee's Butterbush butternut Compact bush plants only 3' wide each produce 4-5 delicious butternut squashes averaging 1 1/2 lb.
Compact Bush Delicata Compact plants bear delicious striped Delicata fruits. Better resistance to powdery mildew. AAS winner.
Early Butternut F1 Fine-textured fruits on compact vines store superbly. Harvest when plants die back or just before frost.
Emerald Strain Bush Buttercup Dark green buttercup squash on compact bush plants. Delicious, creamy dry flesh.
Gold Nugget Compact 3-4 foot bushes yield many 1 1/2 lb delicious golden orange squash. AAS winner.
Sweet REBA acorn Sweet REBA acorn squash develops full‑flavored fruit long after others have been stopped by powdery mildew. REBA stands for “Resistant Early Bush Acorn.”
Tivoli Spaghetti hybrid Compact, short-vined, AAS variety yields plentiful delicious 8-10" 4 lb fruits that can be stored for early winter use.