Spring Garden Market Other Vegetables for 2013

We are offering a variety of popular eggplants this year plus a special summer broccoli. Please note that we will not be offering any cucumbers, squash, or melons for sale in mid-April. They are best planted later in the spring, from the end of April into May.


Variety Name Description
Baby Black Chu-Chu Very early Indian variety produces huge yields of small, 2-4" long, delicious baby eggplants. Resistant to disease and pests.
Fairy Tale Small, lavender eggplants with white stripes, borne in clusters. AAS winner.
Ichiban Dark purple, nearly black fruits, long and narrow, up to 9". Flavorful and tender. Performs well even at cooler temperatures.
Listada di Gandia White with bright purple stripes, 7" long. Heirloom variety with sweet, tender flesh.
Long Asian (Ai-Qwa) Milder flavor than most eggplant varieties. Few seeds, thin skin.
Orlando Dark purple baby eggplant-type. Tender and free of bitterness. Start picking when 2" long. Excellent for containers.
Rosa Bianca Beautiful lavender-pink fruit shaded with white are mild, bitter-free. Heirloom.


Variety Name Description
Cinderella Beautiful heirloom from France looks just like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. Offered in a mixed 6-pack.


Variety Name Description
Broccoli ‘Summer Purple’ Good heat tolerance. Will produce purple broccoli spears into summer.
Florence Fennel ‘Trieste’ Fennel bulbs are succulent, sweet, licorice-flavored. The delicately flavored feathery foliage is an excellent garnish to culinary dishes.