Spring Garden Market Ornamentals for 2016

gulf fritillary on flower

The flowers and other ornamental plants that we offer at the Spring Garden Market have been trialed at our research gardens to select varieties that perform particularly well in our climate, with an eye towards ones that are beautiful and long lasting in flower arrangements. We offer an especially large array of short to tall sunflowers and magnificent zinnias.

Please understand that some varieties may sell out quickly or not be available due to germination difficulties.

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Flower Description
Amaranth Combo
Six-pack with two each of Amaranth ‘Burgundy’ (elegant burgundy plumes, edible), ‘Emerald Tassels’ (lime-green cascading plumes) and ‘Love-Lies-Bleeding’ (wine-red cascading plumes) Annual, full sun, 3-8'.
Amaranth ‘Autumn Palette’
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Mix of cinnamon/bronze and lime-green feathery plumes tipped bronze. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Ammi Bishop's Flower
Ammi majus
Lacy white flowers are spectacular in arrangements. Also great for attracting beneficial insects. Reseeds. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Ammi ‘Green Mist’
Ammi visnaga
Free-flowering annual highly recommended for cut flower use. 4-5" lacey white flowers with numerous green stems are very attractive. Umbels resemble 'Queen Anne's Lace'. Reseeds. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Asclepias Butterfly Flower, Milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa
Heirloom. Vivid, red-orange flowers attract monarchs and other butterflies plus beneficial insects. Perennial, full sun, 2-3'.
Asclepias Butterfly ‘Bright Wings Mix’
Asclepias curassavica
Vivid, sunset-colored flowers bloom in midsummer, attracting butterflies. Tender perennial. Half-hardy perennial, full sun, 24-36".
Bells of Ireland
Moluccella laevis
Tall spires of green 'bells' are dramatic in the garden and in arrangements. Annual, full/part sun, 24-30".
Broom Corn ‘Amish Rainbow’
Sorghum bicolor
Richly colored seed sprays for vase or broom making. Heirloom. Annual, full sun, 5-6'.
Celosia ‘Forest Fire’
Celosia argentea plumosa
Bright scarlet flower plumes on burgundy-tinted foliage. Beautiful fresh or dried in arrangements. Annual, full sun, 2 1/2-3'.
Celosia ‘Pampas Plume’
Celosia argentea plumosa
Mix of feathery plumes: lime green, yellow, cerise, magenta. Annual, full sun, 3'.
Cosmos 'Bright Lights Blend'
Cosmos sulphureus
Brilliant mix of semi-double, long-lasting blooms in shades of yellow, orange & red. Annual, full sun, 3'.
Cosmos 'Double Click Bicolor Pink'
Cosmos bipinnatus
2-3" double bicolor flowers on strong stems for cutting. Dreamy pink and white mix. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Cosmos ‘Double Click Cranberries’
Cosmos bipinnatus
Large double flowers in a rich cranberry color. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Cosmos ‘Double Click Mix’
Cosmos bipinnatus
Semi-double & double mix: frilly magenta, pink & white. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Cosmos ‘Double Click Snow Puff’
Cosmos bipinnatus
Spectacular white pompom flowers, excellent in garden and vase. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Cosmos ‘Rose Bon Bon’
Cosmos bipinnatus
Fancy double romantic rose color flowers. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Gaillardia ‘Goblin’
Gaillardia grandiflora
Masses of fiery red blooms tipped with yellow blanket your garden all summer. Drought tolerant, attracts butterflies and beneficial insects. Perennial, full sun, 12-15".
Geranium Maderense
Geranium maderense
Beautiful pink flowers in spring to early summer. Enormous divided leaves. Self-sows. Biennial/short-lived perennial. Half-hardy perennial, full/part sun, 4'x4'.
Polygonum orientale
Tall plant with long arching rosy blooms. Pink pendulous flower panicles. May reseed in place. Annual, full sun, 4-6'.
Orlaya ‘Minoan Lace’
Orlaya gradiflora
Pure white, 4-5" flowers resemble lace-cap hydrangeas. Annual, full/part sun, 18".
Ornamental grass combo
Six-pack with two each of ‘Bunny Tails’ (furry lime-green flowers dry to tan), ‘Frosted Explosion’ (feathery lime-green bursts), and ‘Ruby Silk’ (rich burgundy seed sprays). Annual, full sun, 10-24".
Solanum integrifolium
Intriguing and fun plant bears clusters of miniature 'pumpkins.' Distinctive cut flower for fall displays. Annual, full sun, 3'.
Rosy Buckwheat
Eriogonum grande var. rubescens
Clouds of rosy flowers turn coppery in the fall. Wants no summer water after the first year. California native. Perennial, full sun, 1-2’ x 1-2'.
Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Gloriosa Mix’
Rudbeckia hirta
Huge 4-7" flowers in rich autumn colors, outstanding variety, long bloom. Half-hardy perennial, full sun, 2-3'.
Rudbeckia ‘Cappuccino’
Rudbeckia hirta
Fleuroselect Award for beauty, productivity, performance. Heat/drought tolerant. Half-hardy perennial, full sun, 24-30".
Rudbeckia ‘Cherokee Sunset Mix’
Rudbeckia x hirta hybrida
Double blooms, colors of an Indian/autumn sunset. Half-hardy perennial, full sun, 24-30".
Rudbeckia ‘Chim Chiminee Mix’
Rudbeckia x hirta hybrida
Unusual quilled petals, bright autumn colors. Half-hardy perennial, full sun, 24-30".
Rudbeckia ‘Goldilocks’
Rudbeckia hirta
Golden-orange, fully double, 4" blooms with dark, deep-set eyes. Long, strong stems are ideal for cutting. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’
Salvia longispicata X farinacea
Deep purple/blue flowers on tall stalks are loved by bumblebees, hummingbirds and butterflies. Deadhead for prolific re-blooming. Cut back by half midsummer for blooms until frost. Semi-deciduous. Low to moderate water. Perennial, full sun, 2'x2'.
Scabiosa ‘Black Knight’
Scabiosa atropurpurea
Dark red, almost black. Flowers and seed pods excellent for garden and vase. Perennial, full sun, 2-3'.
Scabiosa ‘Grandmother's Pincushion Mix’
Scabiosa atropurpurea
Cottage garden favorite, attracts butterflies. Upright habit, old fashioned colors of crimson, mulberry, soft salmon, rose, lilac, and white. Perennial, full sun, 3-4'.
Statice ‘Sunset Mix’
Limonium sinuatum
Uniform bloom time. Heads are packed with apricot, orange, peach and pastel red. Blooming in our gardens through this cold winter. Beautiful soft colors fresh or dried. Annual, full sun, 24-30".
Helianthus annuus
We offer three types of sunflowers:

Giant varieties have one thick stalk up to 14' tall topped by one huge flower head up to 14" wide. These all develop large, tasty seeds.

Mid-height varieties are multi-branching with many flowers opening continually the whole season. Some are pollen-free that do not produce pollen or seeds, welcome for indoor arrangements.

Short varieties are less than 3' tall, a perfect height for children. They also make a very cute border. Annual, full sun, height varies.
Sunflower giant Tall Combo
Helianthus annuus
Combination pack of giant sunflowers: Mammoth Russian, Snacker, Sunzilla. All produce edible seeds. Annual, full sun, 10-14'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Autumn Beauty Mix’
Helianthus annuus
Wide range of autumn colors, 5-8" flowers. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 5-7'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Chocolate Cherry’
Helianthus annuus
Rich chocolate-burgundy ray petals surround dark chocolate center disks. Pollen-free for long, clean vase life. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 6-7'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Cinnamon Sun’
Helianthus annuus
Gorgeous flowers with 5-6" wide, glowing cinnamon/bronze petals and chocolate centers. Great in bouquets, co-ordinates with all colors. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 5-7'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Evening Sun Mix’
Helianthus annuus
Fiery shades of red, orange, burgundy, 4-6" flowers. Heirloom. Multi-branching, long blooming. Annual, full sun, 6-8'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Flash Blend’
Helianthus annuus
Heirloom, fabulous mix of brilliant colors. Produces seeds, a treat for birds. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 5-7'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Florist’s Sunny Bouquet’
Helianthus annuus
Florist prefer this sunny mix of pollenless hybrids for excellent cut flower quality. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 4-5'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Goldy Honey Bear’
Helianthus annuus
Huge fully double, solid gold blooms with green centers, almost pollen free. A favorite. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 4-6'.
Sunflower mid-height ‘Moulin Rouge Mix’
Helianthus annuus
Rich velvety deep cinnamon red, spectacular and pollen free. Excellent for cutting. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 6'.
Sunflower short ‘Elves Blend’
Helianthus annuus
Delightful mix of classic yellow sunflowers and multi-petaled varieties on cute, bushy plants. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Sunflower short ‘Music Box’
Helianthus annuus
Bushy plants with flowers in yellow and clear autumn colors, very cute. Good for borders or containers. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Sunflower short ‘Sunspot’
Helianthus annuus
A classic sunflower, but only 18-24" tall, just the right height for children! One huge flower with edible seeds. Annual, full sun, 18-24".
Sunflower short ‘Teddy Bear’
Helianthus annuus
Bushy plants with loads of fuzzy, golden yellow blossoms that look like huge mums. Multi-branching. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Venidium fastuosum
Dramatic large 2-3" flowers with a jet black center and white petals with rings of orange and purple in the center. Flowers close at night, re-opening in the morning. Grayish green mound of fuzzy leaves. Easy to grow, thrives in heat and drought. Re-seeds Annual, full sun, 3'.
Zinnia elegans
All of the zinnia selections below are spectacular. Some are single colors, others are selected color schemes. Most are from the highly successful Benary Giants. We've trialed these repeatedly for many years. They are mostly 3-4' height, drought tolerant when established, attract beneficial insects, very successful in the garden and as cut flowers. We've been picking flowers well into mid-late October. Plant in full sun and pick/deadhead to keep producing. The cactus-flowered varieties are spectacular. Annual, full sun, height varies.
Zinnia Moulin Rouge Blend
Zinnia elegans
Fully double flowers in hot shades of red for a dramatic display. Annual, full sun, 3-3 1/2'.
Zinnia ‘Cactus Flowered Mix’
Zinnia elegans
Beautiful cactus flowers in shades of scarlet, rose, orange, and yellow. Branching. 2–3' Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Zinnia ‘Cool Crayon Colors’
Zinnia elegans
Lovely shades that make color-coordinated bouquets as you pick them. Fully double, long-stemmed flowers in deep lavender, carmine-rose, soft pink and white. Annual, full sun, 3-3½'.
Zinnia ‘Décor’
Zinnia elegans
Striking duet of premium florist quality zinnias combines beautiful apricot blush with unusual vivid chartreuse. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Zinnia ‘Envy’
Zinnia elegans
Belongs in every flower arranger's garden! Vivid chartreuse sets off bright summer flowers with style and pizzazz and harmonizes with soft pastels. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Zinnia ‘Fireball Blend’
Zinnia elegans
Dramatic blend of hot reds and oranges. 4-5" blooms on tall plants, great planted in a mass in the back of the flowerbed. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Zinnia ‘Hot Crayon Colors’
Zinnia elegans
Right out of the crayon box of intense colors, this blend contains hot shades of scarlet red, citrus orange, and golden yellow. Annual, full sun, 3–3½'.
Zinnia ‘Lilliput Mix’
Zinnia elegans
These cute, colorful 1 1/2" pom pom flowers are a delight in the garden and vase. Held high on sturdy stems. Cutting flowers encourages more blooms. Annual, full sun, 18-24".
Zinnia ‘Mighty Lion’
Zinnia elegans
Intense orange-red fully double 4-5 inch blossoms look like a lion's mane. Annual, full sun, 3-3 1/2'.
Zinnia ‘Peppermint Stick’
Zinnia elegans
Colorful blooms are striped and speckled with crimson. No two are alike! Annual, full sun, 2–3'.
Zinnia ‘Pink Senorita’
Zinnia elegans
Enormous, mostly fully double cactus-flowered type. Color confined to a sophisticated range of the best pinks from salmon through cerise. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Zinnia ‘Polar Bear’
Zinnia elegans
Magnificent white dahlia-type blooms. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’
Zinnia elegans
Beautiful 3" blooms with maroon-red petals and lime centers.We've noticed many different flower forms but always with this unusual color combination. Always attracts attention. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.
Zinnia ‘Raggedy Ann’
Zinnia elegans
Giant flowering cactus zinnias have jolly 4-5" flower faces with curved and twisted narrow petals like quills. Custom mix of canary and golden yellow, orange, crimson, coral, rose, lilac, pink and white. Annual, full sun, 3–4'.
Zinnia ‘Raspberry Sorbet’
Zinnia elegans
Lovely flowers of jewel-toned deep raspberry tinted double blossoms on branching long stems. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Zinnia ‘Redman Super Cactus’
Zinnia elegans
A magnificent, huge red-flowered variety of the giant zinnia cactus family. An old favorite that has become rare. Annual, full sun, 3-4'.
Zinnia ‘Scabiosa Flowered Mix’
Zinnia elegans
Beautiful and unusual 2-3” crested flowers resemble scabiosa blooms. Pink, yellow, orange, cream and scarlet. Annual, full sun, 2–3'.
Zinnia ‘Solar Flare Blend’
Zinnia elegans
Dazzling combination of hot orange, sunny yellow, and cool white flowers contrast with lush green foliage for a beautiful display. Big, 4-5" flowers. Annual, full sun, 2-3'.