Spring Garden Market Herb Varieties for 2015

The list below is for 2015. Stay tuned for the updated list for 2016.


Listed below are the herb seedlings that we will be offering at the Spring Garden Market. Many of these, especially the basils, are very popular and may sell out early. But note that some of our excellent vendors will also be carrying herbs, so be sure to check with them if our selection sells out.

Please understand that some varieties may sell out quickly or not be available due to germination difficulties.

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Herb Type Description
Basil African Blue
Ocimum kilimandscharicum
Tender perennial Very attractive tender perennial will bloom all summer long into fall until frost. Gorgeous flowers attract bees. Can grow to 4'.
Basil Aromatto
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Tall, beautiful cut flower. Purple with green leaves. Erect and branched. Bred for ornamental and culinary use. Scent becomes more intense when dried.
Basil Cardinal
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Very ornamental basil with red stems and a dense reddish-purple flower head, almost like a celosia.
Basil Dolce Vita Blend
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Mix of six distinctive basils will fill the garden with colors, flavors and scents. Ideal for containers.
Basil Genovese
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Almond-shaped, shiny dark green leaves. Strong flavor.
Basil Profumo di Genova
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Specially bred for bright, clean basil flavor without mint or clove overtones. Elegant, compact shape.
Basil Purple Opal (Dark Opal)
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Mid-early upright variety with bushy foliage and smooth leaves. Dark purple color with intense aroma.
Basil Thai Queenette
Ocimum basilicum
Annual Exotic, aromatic flavor is excellent for Southeast Asian dishes. Decorative purple stems and green leaves make it ideal for use in edible landscapes.
Dill Tetra (Dukat)
Anethum graveolens
Annual Sweet, mellow dill. Fine blue-green leaves hold freshness longer than other varieties. Bushy, heat tolerant, slow to bolt.
Lemongrass common
Cymbopogon citratus
Tender perennial Lemon-scented leaves are used for seasoning a wide variety of cuisines.
Oregano True Greek
Origanum vulgare hirtum
Perennial Excellent traditional oregano flavor. Dark green leaves and white flowers.
Stevia common
Stevia rebaudiana
Tender perennial Herb used as a non-caloric sweetener. Fresh leaves or dried leaves add natural sweetness to drinks and dishes.
Thyme English
Thymus vulgaris
Perennial A wonderful herb with endless culinary possibilities. Aromatic, attractive landscape plant with lovely small flowers.