Updated: Feb-2004

What You Can Do

“Make your yard inhospitable to raccoons”

  • Remove all pet food, accumulated trash, and overhanging vegetation.
  • Top bushes at least 24 inches below the roofline.
  • Repair any damaged vent screens using half-inch hardware cloth.
  • Install spark arresters on chimneys.
  • Secure pet doors at night.
  • Store garbage in metal or tough plastic cans with tight fitting lids.
  • Close off all open areas leading under decks using half-inch hardware cloth, which covers the open areas & extends 1 foot below soil level and 1 foot outward.
  • Throw rocks to scare them away.
  • Electric fence.
  • Use beneficial nematodes in the spring to kill grubs in lawn areas.

What You Can’t Do

  • State law prohibits poisoning raccoons.
  • If an animal is causing depredation or poses a health risk, call Vector Control District to evaluate the problem. 408-792-5010 or 1-800-675-1155
  • Law prohibits trapping and relocating ANY wild animal without approval from California Fish & Game. 831-479-9389 or 831-649-2870.