Vera Kark, PADG


Botanical Name: 
Ficus carica ‘Panachée’
(FY-kus KAR-ih-kah)
Common Name: 
Panachée Striped Tiger Fig
Plant Type: 
Mature Size: 
15 -30 ft.
Sun/Shade Requirements: 
Full sun

Can edibles be ornamental? Yes! Tiger figs have beautiful striped green fruit in the fall and large attractive leaves. Unfortunately the fruit on this cultivar requires a long warm season to ripen. For eating, we usually recommend 'Black Mission', a cultivar that is more likely to ripen in Palo Alto.

Every year we have pruned our two fig trees hard to keep them from overwhelming our modest sized beds. While our radical pruning has kept the trees under control this may be more work than the average homeowner wants to take on every year. We recently decided to remove our two tiger figs and replace them with a dwarf fig cultivar called "Black Jack'.