Vera Kark, PADG


Botanical Name: 
Phlomis fruticosa
(FLOW-miss fru-tih-KOE-sah)
Common Name: 
Jerusalem Sage
Plant Type: 
Mature Size: 
4 ft. tall and wide
Water Requirements: 
Low: water every 3 weeks until the root ball is wet
Sun/Shade Requirements: 
Full sun
Flower Color : 
Yellow to yellow orange
This plant is deer resistant

From the Mediterranean Basin, this sun-loving shrub has unique yellow ball-shaped flowers. The large wooly-gray leaves are a good texture complement to other water-wise plants, many of which have small-leaves to conserve water.

Occasional water will encourage repeat blooms, however, Phlomis fruticosa will tolerate very dry conditions. You can cut this plant back by half in the fall to keep it compact. Some Master Gardeners are a little more daring and like to cut Phlomis back to six inches above the ground. This will keep the plant even more compact. Another option is to do nothing at all if the size and woodiness of the plant doesn't bother you.